Caricature Artist

Are you looking for ways to keep things interesting and exciting at your upcoming event? If so, hire Steve Leach to come do caricatures! Steve will draw cartoon caricatures of you and your guests and add joy and life to your party. 

Steve Leach has been working as a caricature artist in Dallas, Texas for more than 30 years, creating incredible caricatures and humorous portraits of people. He is passionate about his work, whether it is graphic illustration, political cartoons, storyboard illustration, or humorous cartoon caricature drawings. 

One of Steve‚Äôs early jobs was a full time position drawing caricatures at Six Flags Over Texas. This is where he developed his skill as a caricature artist.  He has produced artwork for executives and celebrities. He creates many gift caricatures for individuals and corporations that want to give that special unique gift and reward that special someone for their years of service.  Now you and your guests have an opportunity to join the fun and take home works of art.  

Please call for booking information. Steve Leach can be contacted at his studio in Dallas, Texas at 214-500-9500.  Steve’s entertaining artistry will make yours an event to remember for years to come.